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WSR H2O2 (For COVID-19)

Category Pesticide
Active Ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide 15% w/w
Registration No. ( - )
Description It is not agrochemical product. Do not spray on the crops.

Can spay on Furnitures, doors, door handles, floor and walls such as toilets where is exposing to public.

After 1 minute of spraying, dry with a clean cloth.
Water-based bleach can be used as a hand sanitizer.

Please follow the following to be protected from COVID-19 Infection;

(1) Stay at home as much as possible.
(2) Communicate with others only six feet (2 meters).
(3) Avoid talking in restaurants and workplaces.
(4) Avoid the crowd completely.
(5) Do some physical activity.
(6) Get enough sleep.
(7) Eat nutritious and healthy food.
(8) Wear face mask whenever should go to outside.
(9) Limit the numbers of shopping and reduce the number of times you shop.

Common Prevention Tips
Help stop the spread of COVID-19
- Listen for instructions from your local government and staying home
- Keep a safe distance from others
- Clean hands often and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home
- Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth
- Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissue
Source: World Health Organization
Dosage Use 100cc/water 1 liter.
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