Pesticide   > LANDA 2.5 EC


Category Pesticide
Active Ingredient Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5% W/V
Registration No F2015-1043
Description It is an emulsifiable concentrate with contact poison and stomach poison. It can knock down the pests within a short time and effectively prevent not to destroy the cultivated area again. It is most suitable for butterfly group, fly group, sucking insects, thrips, bugs, beetles and red spider mites.

Method of use – Foliar
Dosage Use 24-80cc/sprayer, 120-400cc/acre.
Remark - Use (5-8) sprayers of (20) litre per acre.
Pre-harvest Interval (PHI) 8 days for cotton, chilli and vegetables. 7 days for horticultural crops. 3 days for peas and beans including groundnut, pigeon pea and sesame.
GHS Class Class (5)