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Category Foliar
Ingredients 1. Nitrogen (N) – 16.1%
2. Nitrogen (N) – 1.2%, Phosphate (P2O5) – 6% and
trace elements
Registration No HtaLa/(477)
Description -It is intended to use SUPER and POWER as a mixture.
-It contains nitrogen for vegetative growth. And it also contains phosphate and trace elements for reproductive growth.
-It consists of required nutrients in the right proportions to run the regular physiological processes throughout the life of the plant.
-It can be used for peas and beans, paddy, sesame, groundnut, tomato and vegetables.
-It can create the highest yielding in peas and beans including mung bean, black gram and soybean.

Method of use – Mix SUPER and POWER
Dosage Use SUPER 25cc mix with POWER 25cc per sprayer