Pesticide   > PROSENT 50 SC


Category Pesticide
Active Ingredient Fipronil 5% W/V
Registration No. F2017-1442
Description It is an suspension concentrate with contact poison and stomach poison. It controls diamond back moth, white cabbage butterfly, semi-looper, bean stem fly, termite, stem borer, thrip, flea beetle, wire worm, brown plant hopper, white backed plant hopper, rice hispa, leaf folder, cotton pod borer, cotton bollworm, army worm.

Method of use – Foliar
Dosage Use 40-260cc/sprayer, 200-1300cc/acre.
Remark - Use (5-8) sprayers of (20) litre capacity per acre.
Pre-harvest Interval (PHI) Rice - (32) days, the rest - (7) days
GHS Class Class (3)