Pesticide   > LINEOUT 480 SC


Category Pesticide
Active Ingredient Flubendiamide 240 g/L +
Thiacloprid 240 g/L
Registration No P2019-2348
Description - Contact and systemic efficacy, with immediate cessation of feeding and long lasting efficacy.
- High and reliable efficacy against Leaffolder (Cnaphalocrocis medialis) and Stemborer (Scirpopha incertulas, Chilo spp.) in rice, comprehensive control of Maruca vitrata and Heliothis in pulses with yield advantage, Heliothis and sucking pests in soya, aphids and thrips (Thrips palmi) in vegetables.
- Both compounds soft to beneficials and pollinators
- Crops: Rice, Pulses, Cotton, Corn, Black gram & Green gram, Cabbage & Cauliflower, Vegetables, Grapes.

Method of use – Foliar
Dosage Use 10-20cc/sprayer, 60-150cc/acre.
Remark - Use (6-8) sprayers of (20) litre capacity per acre.
Pre-harvest Interval (PHI) 14-21 days for all of the crops
GHS Class Class (4)