Herbicide   > JET 20 OD


Category Herbicide
Active Ingredients Bispyribac sodium 20% w/v
Registration No P2020-5190
Description It is a selective, systemic post-emergence herbicide. It can effectively control grasses weeds such as Echinchloa spp.,Ischaemum rugosum ‌and control sedges such as Cyperus iria, Cyperus difformis, Fimbristylis dichotoma and control most broadleaf weeds such as Monochoria vaginalis, Ludwigia adscendens, Sphenoclea zeylanica, Marsilea minuta.
Dosage Use 50-60cc/acre, 10-12cc/sprayer.
Remark – Use at least (5) sprayers of (20) litre capacity per acre.
GHS Class Class (-)