Pesticide   > THURIA 80 SP


Category Pesticide
Active Ingredient Acephate-50% + Monosultap-30%
Registration No. P2018-2406
Description It is a soluble powder with contact poison and stomach poison. It has systemic action and used to control the chewing insect pests in cultivated crops. It is most effective for maize borer, cotton pod borer, green hopper, cabbage white, diamondback moth, scale insects, stem borer, leaf roller, pod borer and armyworm.

Method of use – Foliar
Dosage Use 60-75gm/sprayer, 300-375gm/acre.
Remark – Use (5-8) sprayers of (20) litre capacity per acre.
Pre-harvest Interval (PHI) 14-21 days
GHS Class Class (4)