Fungicide   > CUPROMAX 85 WP


Category Fungicide
Active Ingredient Copper Oxychloride 85% W/W
Registration No. F2011-767
Description It is a fungicide with contact action to prevent, cure and eradicate fungal and bacterial diseases. It is most effective for damping off, black rot, sesame blackleg, potato rot and early blight, betel leaf blackleg, citrus canker, onion and cabbage soft rot, downy mildew in Cucumbaceae family, bacterial leaf blight, false smut, blast and sheath blight in paddy fields.

Method of use – Foliar
Dosage Use 40-80gm/sprayer, 200-400gm/acre.
Remark - Use (5-8) sprayers of (20) litre capacity per acre.
Pre-harvest Interval (PHI) 14 Days
GHS Class Class (4)